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Car Shipping Companies and Brokers

When you need to move a vehicle from point A to point B and you cannot do it yourself, it is time to start looking at car shipping companies who can handle the job for you. A professional car shipping company can provide the trailers and expertise needed to move your vehicle quickly and safely.

Another type of car shipping professional is a vehicle shipping broker. A broker is a licensed shipping coordinator who works with a range of shippers and can match the particular expertise of each to your unique shipping requirements.

So why would you consider using a broker when you can work directly with car shipping companies? First, unless you have experience with a shipper, it is hard to tell in advance if the shipper you choose will get the job done on time and without mishap. A vehicle shipping broker works with a wide range of shippers and knows from experience who will do the best job given your specific vehicle type and shipping time frames. Brokers quickly learn who the bad apples are in the vehicle shipping business and avoid using those transportation carriers. That helps reduce the risk and the stress associated with moving a vehicle.

Second, a broker is a licensed professional who knows the transportation business. He or she understands your concerns. He or she will provide expert advice and can help manage any situations that arise. A broker works on your behalf and helps assure that the shipper is meeting your expectations. You should not experience any difference between working with a broker and working directly with a shipper.

Auto shipping brokers and auto shippers are required to be licensed by the US Department of Transportation. Brokers are also required to be bonded and shippers have an additional requirement to be insured. It is a good idea to always ask for proof whether you work directly with a shipper or a broker. Anyone who does not provide such proof may not actually be a licensed professional.