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Car Shipping Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Listed below are some questions and answers you may have when shipping a car, truck or SUV:

How much notice do I need to give the car shipper when I set up my car shipment?
We recommend scheduling your car shipment at least one month ahead of your delivery date.

car shipping quotes How long will it take to ship my car?
The time it takes to have your car shipped with your auto transporter is usually about one to three weeks. Please allow one week for your car to be picked up and around one to two weeks for delivery of your car.

Will the car shipper be able to provide door-to door pick-up and delivery?
In most cases the answer is yes, however there may be some instances where the car shipper is unable to get to the pick-up or drop-off areas (i.e., narrow streets, one way streets, low hanging tree branches or power lines, etc.) If this is the case a wide street or parking lot in the area is a possible solution.

Will I be able to have my car picked up from a location other than my residence?
Some auto transporters have terminals where your vehicle may be picked up or dropped off.

Am I able to check on my car while it is being shipped?
Some car shippers do provide GPS tracking. You will need to check with your car shipping company to see if you will be able to track your vehicle during transport.

Will my car be covered by insurance while it is being shipped?
Auto transporters are required to carry insurance. Your vehicle will be inspected by your auto transport company at the time of pick up and again at the time of delivery.

What happens if my car is damaged during shipping?
Damage to vehicles during auto transport rarely occurs. In the event damage to your car does happen your car shipper will do their very best to work with you on the damage claim.

Can I ship any items inside my vehicle during transport?
You need to check with your car shipper. Most car shippers are not insured to transport extra items with your vehicle during transport. Their insurance covers the vehicle only.

Will the odometer reading on my car be noted on my car shipping contract?
Yes the odometer reading will be documented on your car shipping contract upon pick-up of you car and again upon your car's arrival.

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