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Tips For Shipping a Vehicle

Follow these vehicle shipping tips to avoid misunderstandings with your selected shipper.

vehicle shipping servicesExperience and reliability does matter when shipping a vehicle. Please fill out our quote request form in order to get free quotes from experienced, reliable car shipping companies. This process should save both you and the car shipper time. When you consider the quotes you receive you will have the piece of mind that the shippers that respond to your quote request are qualified transporters that specialize in car shipping.

Next, you should get in touch with each of the auto transporters who provided free quotes. Please feel free to ask questions such as, pick up and delivery times, company history, insurance or any other questions that may apply to your car transport request. It is a good idea to ask the name of the person that you are speaking with. Keep a record of the information received from each auto transport company that you are in contact with.

Decide how important such things as delivery time are to you when considering the cost of your shipment. Consider the differences between enclosed car shipping and open car shipping. Open car shipping would typically be on an open car transport trailer. With enclosed car shipping, your vehicle is shipped in an enclosed trailer. Enclosed auto shipping may provide more protection for the shipped vehicle, but enclosed shipments are often more costly. Another thing to consider is, are you willing to allow for a longer time span for pick up and delivery of your vehicle from the car shipper that you choose? If you are flexible with the time frames involved with your auto shipment, you could possibly negotiate a reduced price.

You may be able to negotiate the cost of your shipment with the car shipping company that you choose. The more flexible you are with the pick up and delivery of your shipped vehicle, the more likely the chance of getting the price of your car shipping services reduced.

Lastly, after your auto transport shopping is complete and you select an auto transporter it is very important to get a written contract from your car shipper. Read your contract very carefully before signing. If you are shipping any other items with you vehicle be sure your car shipper is aware of the extra items being shipped before you sign the contact with your auto transporter. Please be aware that your contract is a binding legal agreement between you and your car shipper.

free car shipping quotes