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How To Ship a Car

The car shipping process is not difficult if you do a little up-front preparation. Here are the steps you need to take to help assure that you will have a simple and pain-free vehicle shipping experience:
  • Contact a reputable car shipping company to handle your car shipment. can refer you to a number of reliable car shippers. Car shippers can usually provide references for your review.
  • Allow an adequate amount of time for your car shipment. The more time you allow for your car shipment the smoother your shipment will go. Try to be flexible with your time-frames and be available to meet the driver when the truck plans to arrive.
  • Always verify the car shippers license and insurance coverage before loading your vehicle on the truck.
  • A copy of the car shippers bill of laiding should be provided to you a pick up and delivery as proof that the shipper handled your shipment. Make sure the driver notes any visual defects on the vehicle on the bill of laiding, this will be the written record of the vehicles condition prior to shipping. Damage claims are rare but if damage occurs during transit you will be able to use the bill of laiding for claim purposes.
  • Ask the car shipper how payment is made. Some car shippers take a down payment, some take full payment at delivery, some take credit cards and some don't. If you use a check or money order be sure to find out up-front from the car shipper who to make the check or money order payable to.
  • Your car may transfer from one truck to another while in transit. This is a common occurrence with car shippers so don't be alarmed if this happens. You can request an itinerary from the car shipper that should spell out the shipping plan to the best of their knowledge at time of booking.
  • Remember to remove all personal items from the cabin and truck areas. The car shippers insurance usually only covers the vehicle so don't take chances leaving your valuables in the vehicle.
If you take these steps into consideration prior to shipping your car you should have a positive car shipping experience.

free car shipping quotes